Why Trade With Us?

Exchanging digital currencies has never been this easy and seamless. Coinbed aims to redefine the way digital currency trading is done. We pride ourselves in having the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

Coinbed was established with the mind of perfectly exchange crypto currency as simple as possible for people who want a pain-free experience and fastest transactions throughout the world. As long as you own the digital currencies that you wish to trade, you can exchange them conveniently and almost instantly for any other altcoins. We have a wide selection of only the most popular coins, generally cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

At coinbed, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and security of our customers when using our service. Knowing fully well that bitcoin and other altcoins cannot be sold but exchanging bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies or vice versa is highly allowed with the aim of satisfy your needs. We pride ourselves in having the lowest fee in the whole exchange industry.


Trusted and Secure

We do not store any private information on any of our servers. All payments are made and processed through a secure online channel only and not through external or third-party processors. We also adopt one of the most secure encryption methods in the form of the Advanced Encryption Standard.



All payments and transactions conducted on our platforms will be confirmed and fulfilled within seconds of the transaction period. Our services are lighting fast thanks to the clever adoption of advanced payment strategies and systems.



Trade in a vast range of digital currencies with the same guaranteed seamless transaction speed, best prices and guaranteed security across all digital currencies on our platform.



Our trading platform is extremely easy to navigate and understand. We strongly believe that trading in digital currencies should be accessible to all regardless of their expertise. So, we have gone the extra mile to create a digital trading platform that is user-friendly, easy to navigate and accommodating to all.



We do not require any documents before you can trade on our platform. Users gain full immediate access to our platform once they complete the registration process. However, we will endeavour to strictly adhere to all local laws and regulations.



We operate a 24-hour support centre in the form of a support line and email tickets. Our support centres are always available and ready to help out with any issues arising from transactions, trading, general enquiries and complaints.